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Main Street Made Easy


The education I have received from being hands-on, elbows deep in business, surpasses anyone I talk to who has business theory education without real life, skin in the game, experience.

I am committed to documenting the journey, and laying out the lessons and innovative survival tactics I took, to help the next ones who choose to follow down a similar path.

The real in-depth business education all started for me when I was standing in front of committee after committee presenting why they should believe in me and my plan to open a studio boutique location that would "Facilitate entrepreneurial artists and artisans from various avenues".

The questions they asked, the questions they didn't ask, the next month, the next 6 months, the next 3 years... the next 10 years! Boy oh boy did I learn a lot!


  • I have made notes and notes galore!

  • I have shared and shared!

  • I have even offered free one-on-one mentoring sessions in order to protect new business owners.

  • I shared my wins in hopes people could also experience those, but I also shared my losses in an attempt to spare others the pains I went through.

I'm looking forward to the future of
All it has to offer.

Want a Sneak Peak?

"What's Your Strategy - Easy Market 101" is the first segment from an online small business program offered by The Capelli Club Campus.

With practical application and review of common misconceptions, The Capelli Club Campus takes the headache out of marketing and addresses what they call "social scattered syndrome".

This free version of the course’s workbook gives you some fun and easy practices - but they are also invaluable practices! You will likely re-print the booklet, rewrite out your answers (final copy) and laminate them!
How do we know this? Because small business owners just like you, did just that!

What's Your Strategy? | Free Sneak Peek Workbook

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