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Welcome to our small business consultation hub! We specialize in providing comprehensive support for entrepreneurs and small business owners. From developing effective marketing strategies across traditional and digital channels, managing finances, enhancing customer satisfaction, optimizing staff performance, and strategizing for sustainable growth, in our programs we've got you covered.


Our tailored guidance and ongoing entrepreneurial coaching platforms empower you to navigate the complexities of business management with confidence and achieve your goals.

Let's take your business to new heights together!

Business Plan Audit

A business plan audit is a comprehensive examination of your existing business plan to assess its effectiveness, relevance, and alignment with your current objectives and market conditions.

"First-Date" Website Audit

An evaluation focused on the initial impression and experience visitors have when they first encounter your website, akin to a first date. An assessment of factors such as visual appeal, ease of navigation, clarity of messaging, and overall user experience aimed at making a positive and memorable impression.

Advocate Marketing Wheel 

We've perfected the art of 'client experience marketing,' a holistic approach designed to not only attract your ideal clients, customers, or patients to your door but also to keep them coming back and referring others. 

Cashflow Correction

Cashflow Correction focuses on assessing a small business's current cashflow. We pinpoint areas for improvement and offer advice on potential solutions to increase cashflow immediately and how to maintain stability in the long term.

What Our Clients Say

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Kassandra P. | Freelancer & Purium Affiliate, California USA

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Cris is patient and honest in her mentoring. She is very fair and level-headed, clearly wears a business hat and can manage people's chaos. I am in the beauty industry and I am not used to that! She knows the industry well and gave me practical tools to help navigate my industry. 
I truly felt her confidence in me, and she built up where my abilities were lacking and helped me refine my skills and how I felt about myself. Cris is very well organized and has excellent tips for obtaining that for your business and personal. 
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