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Hello There!

I'm Cris and I'm so glad you are here!
My hunch is you scanned a QR code or met me at a local shop! Whatever brought you here, scroll down to check out what I can do for you.

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My mission is built on the foundation of working with my neighbours and local small business owners, helping build happy & sustainable communities ~

Let's Talk Small Biz Financials

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Small business financials is one of my favourite topics & there is a lot to talk about. No, it is not because of my 10+ years in banking! My banking and lending experience, as well as my connections, however, will come in handy for you.

I am able to give REAL. SIMPLE. PRACTICAL. advice that can save a business. Protect you today. Prepare you for the future. That is why.

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- Spring 2024 With Cris Mac


Zenvy Spa and I collaborated during the 2023 Holiday season.

You may have received one of our joint business cards which had a special promotion for your first visit to their beautiful location!
Lucky You!!

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Logo Designed by Cris Mac

House of Sustainability 

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What really is sustainability? And how has Coco Armadio been supporting it since 2013?

At Coco Armadio we focus on sustainability within the closet & the home. Well made, quality products that can be used over and over, even passed down or moved on. You may have seen us over the last decade in Hintonburg, Almonte or Barrhaven.

Now located in Stittsville & Online!

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Boss Face Collective is a NEW inclusive beauty line that focuses on supporting small business owners.

Through its product sales, Boss Face sponsors free mentorship, workshop passes and even grant opportunities to small businesses in need! 

Learn more about Boss Face Collective & purchase their products online or at exclusive retail locations.

Collaborative opportunities available for local small businesses!

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